Our Philosophy

Breeze Pilates & Yoga was founded in 2012, with the purpose of assisting people in maintaining and progressing their mental and physical abilities. It is important to us that you, as our client, feel a part of our community. Our private Nerang Studio on the Gold Coast welcome people at any fitness level and encourage those with minor or niggley injuries to attend, as we understand that it is necessary for us as teachers to accommodate our clients physical requirements where able and necessary to help with healing and pain free daily movement. Of course if you have any concerns please consult your GP or therapist for physical clearance before attending the studio.

Our services help to improve the function and movement of the body. This becomes noticeable in all activities including walking, swimming, running, cycling, cross fit, gym classes, weights, surfing, skiing, laboring jobs, desk jobs, home duties, service professions etc. Most importantly the benefits are appreciated and noticed when managing the daily stresses of life, in work, relationships, finances, discontentment and emotional and physical barriers.

At Breeze Pilates and Yoga, we offer private and semi private sessions from our Nerang studio & mobile to assist not only physically & emotionally but spiritually also to help focus on personal development and inner happiness. Physically we guide you through prevention and rehabilitation techniques and exercises for injuries, strengthening and toning weakened muscles, encourage good posture, increase energy levels, promote core strength and a strong pelvic floor and help you to nurture your body. Emotionally & spiritually we are here to support you on your journey.

Our Pilates sessions are a great body conditioning exercise, building core strength and stability. Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice focused on breath, control, flexibility and strength. Together these two forms of exercise movement create a holistic foundation for your body and your daily life.

We deliver Pilates, yoga, meditation and relaxation sessions to individuals and small groups by passionate teachers and healing practitioners. Our Nerang private studio now also offer recovery services within our private garden bathhouse which includes chlorine free hot spa therapy, wet hot rock sauna, dry infrared sauna, cold tub & monsoon shower with complimentary face and body scrubs. Each modality providing incredible benefits to your body, inside and out.

All of our teachers and hosts are fully qualified in what they deliver, they hold current and up to date insurance and are registered with a governing body or association in their field.