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Supporting Anxiety & Stress with Yoga

What is Anxiety & Stress? How do they differ from Depression? Why are we SO stressed all the time?

And most importantly – what can you do about it?

Ancient wisdom meets modern needs in this relaxing, insightful workshop into how we can relax more, react less – and create calm in our everyday life.

It’s no secret that when we stress we become anxious & tense. We worry constantly, we obsess over things, we lose sleep…the list goes on. So it’s no wonder it affects our energy, our health, job, sleep, relationships…

Sound familiar yet?

So how can Yoga help? Will learning to touch your toes really make it all go away…?

What Yoga really offers is a balanced approach to life. It’s a practical system of ethics & approaches designed to calm our monkey minds & soothe our stressed-out bodies. To help us prioritise what’s helpful & what’s not. It’s not about being spiritual; it’s about learning balance (and I’m not talking about handstands!).

The movement, breathing & mindful practices are all designed to balance & calm our nervous system – while yogic philosophies shine a light on some approaches & attitudes we can choose to adapt where needed.

Understanding WHY anxiety & stress impact us is just the first step to improving stress in our lives. Discovering HOW & WHAT unique practices can support you – through Yoga – is what really opens up a life of vitality, resilience & calm.

It’s often said “We already have everything we need within us”…

Well now it’s your time to find it.

What’s on Offer?

-2 Hour Workshop offering practical tips, techniques & tools to ground, focus & calm.

-Two short practices (with a break for some mindful re-fuelling ;-):

Practice 1: To Focus & Uplift (for starting your day/focusing/finding balance)

Practice 2: To Calm & Relax (for unwinding & relaxing at the end of the day)

What to Expect?

  • Basic breathing & mindful practices you can use anywhere, anytime; to ground & steady the mind, soothe the emotions & relax the body.
  • Short, movement practices to soften, stretch & release tense muscles; while discovering what assists our strength, energy, focus & relaxation.
  • Targeted relaxation exercises to become more present while nourishing the nervous system.
  • Herbal tea & light healthy snack provided.
  • Supporting Essential Oils to take home.

What to Bring?

  • No experience necessary…just the need to create calm for you!
  • Comfortable clothes you can stretch & relax in.

Location: Breeze Pilates and Yoga, Private Boutique Studio, located in the Gold coast Hinterland, Nerang. Approximately 5  minutes off the M1. Please contact us for location and parking details. 0409755798.

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