Our Garden Bathhouse – (Opening July 2022)


Relax, recover & unwind at Breeze Recovery Bathhouse. Enjoy our private communal space offering the therapies of a traditional cedar wood sauna, infrared sauna, heated hydrotherapy spa with essential oils, Herbal foot soak, DIY face & body masks, red light therapy, cold tub therapy, private outdoor monsoon shower & complimentary DIY body scrubs.

Females Only – Welcome Weds, Thurs & Sat

Both Females & Males – Welcome Fri & Sun

Open Wednesdays to Sundays by appointments only

Visit our BATHHOUSE FAQ for futher information


An infrared sauna emits a band of light we perceive as heat. Infrared is not only safe but also highly beneficial to our bodies on a deeper, cellular level. Other benefits may include:

Detoxification – Stress reduction – Reducing Inflammation – Reduced Cellulite – Skin rejuvenation


Our hot rock sauna heat soothes your nerve endings and also warms and relaxes your muscles. Saunas and steam rooms can also minimize joint pain as well as arthritis, migraines, and headaches due to the high heat environment. Other benefits may include:

Detoxification – Stress reduction – Reducing Inflammation – Clear Skin – Open Up Sinuses


Our outdoor monsoon shower offers you a space to rinse off your scrub or body mask, close up your pores, revitalise your skin and alternate between the saunas for a quick rinse and refresh.

Our cold tub is for anyone who is familiar with ice baths. The temp is super cold but not icey still giving you the benefits of waking you up – increasing circulation – reducing muscle soreness and inflammation -and potentially boosting weight loss.


Hydrotherapy harnesses the natural healing properties of water, helping to heal the body, ease the mind and provide a long-lasting sense of wellness. Other benefits may include:

Soothe joint pain and ease muscle tension – Boost circulation and accelerate post-injury recovery – Reduce stress and improve sleep patterns.


Treat your skin with our Dead Sea Mud Mask. Our products carry nutrient rich minerals from the dead sea to draw out impurities and open blocked pores for clean, soft skin. Used weekly, mud masks optimise your daily cleansing routine to keep skin super clean and less prone to blemishes and uneven skin tone. Available for DIY convenience in our garden bathhouse.


Coffee scrubs are considered to be one of the most effective exfoliating skincare products that not only remove tan but also help give you radiant skin and even out your skin tone. Our mineral rich scrub also absorbs into your skin increasing purification, circulation and helps to relieve tension and muscle cramping. Our natural body scrub made up of coffee & fine mineral rich himalayan sea salts is effective without being harsh to the skin. A perfect formula to start off your Bathhouse recovery session at Breeze.


Your foot bath will be filled with theraputic salts, bush flowers & essential oils to help your feet muscles relax, sooth aches & pains, refresh your skin and assist in removing toxins from your body. All natural and at a temperature that suits you.


Please be mindful that we are not qualified as skin specialists or beauty therapists. If you have any skin sensitivities, you are most welcome to bring your own body scrubs or masks however, they MUST BE OIL FREE & NATURAL to prevent chemicals or residue build up in our spa and saunas.

NOTE: All sessions & bookings at the studio, a private venue and online have a strict 12 hour cancellation policy. Keeping you accountable gives you the power to achieve results whether it’s physically or theraputically. Our staff and teachers are here for your booking, having a 12 hour cancellation policy allows time for other clients on a waitlist to book in when you cancel. Full credits are returned back to your account when you cancel 12 or more hours before your booked session or appointment. All timetable sessions and bookings are open right up to 30 minutes before start time, just incase you’re a “last minute” person and want to wing it! However, we highly recommend you book in early to secure your spot.