Relax & Restore Mobile Day Retreats



Enjoy 2.5 Hours of Restorative Bliss.

As a small group you will enjoy the journey of pamper & relaxation from head to toe. This retreat is about calming and relaxing your mind and body.

If you are over worked, feeling stressed, a new mum or just want some time out then this is a great place to start. These short and affordable mobile mini day retreats welcome monthly visits to maintain your self care levels.  As women we spend so much time giving and attending to others. So on this day you will spend your time in the present moment, giving back to yourself and leave feeling nourished and nurtured.  We welcome you to invite friends, relatives or colleagues and enjoy our Relax and Restore Day Retreat at a venue of your choice.

Your retreat will include…

Moving Mediation:

We will start your retreat with a beautiful Moving Meditation where we use flowing movements and breathe work to help warm your muscles, release tension, relax your breath and calm your energy, allowing you to enjoy the journey in an energised yet peaceful state throughout your retreat.

Your Luxurious Foot Bath: (Optional Inclusion)

Soak your feet in your own signature foot bath using essential oils, salts, seasonal fruits, herbs and flowers. By relaxing and soothing your feet, your entire body becomes content and calm.

Your signature foot bath may also assist with any pains, headaches and cramps you may be experiencing as well as increasing circulation, aiding in detoxification and reducing stress and anxiety.

Your foot bath can be customised to suit your needs ensuring your feet and your body are internally connected leaving you feeling completely relaxed.

Retreat Blends @ Home: (Optional Inclusion)

Take home this wonderful calm energy into your home by making your very own Essential Oil Roller ball or Spray created with intention and purpose, love and passion.

Herbal and Essential Oil Teas & Chocolate Treats: (Optional Inclusion)

Tickle you taste buds with delicious raw chocolate treats and some of the finest organic herbal teas to keep you satisfied throughout this amazing restorative, blissful experience.

Massage: Foot, Hand or Scalp Massage. (Optional Inclusion)

Restorative Yoga: 

You will move onto your mat for a magical restorative yoga class,  allowing your muscles to lengthen, your breath to find its own natural rhythm and your mind to be calm and still.  You will be showered with pure essential oils and the sounds of musical nature and earthing instruments allowing your entire nervous system to melt into a state of complete bliss. This Beautiful Restorative Class will be complete with an optional relaxing foot or scalp massage and an essential oil infused eye pillow to help reduce stress throughout your entire body.

Our Mobile Relax and Restore Retreats are only $95 per person for 2.5 hours of Mobile Day Retreat Essentials, Relaxation Therapies, Restorative Yoga, Raw Chocolate Treats, Organic Teas, Take Home Gifts plus a $30 Gift Voucher for you to use at your next retreat. (Ask about our Retreat Rewards Program)

Our Bliss Guarantee: If at the end of your retreat you do not feel more relaxed than when you began you will receive a full refund of your booking price. (please let us know at the end of your retreat on that day).

**A Minimum of 6 people per booking is required to commence retreat.** (min $570)

Retreats are available for private events.

💖Girls Catch Ups
💖Bridal Party
💖Devorce Party
💖Just For the Boys
💖Teen Party
💖And…Just Because!

We look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you. If you have any questions please contact us on 0409755798. @ FACEBOOK



Choose your location wisely… Quiet, air and natural light are great to set the retreat mood. Where comfortable clothing and supply pillows, cushions and a yoga mat if possible. Please let us know if you have any allergies to essential oils or certain foods. Some food may contain nuts. If you have any health concerns please visit your GP before attending this retreat.