Breeze Pilates and Yoga studio offers me a relaxing and peaceful getaway from my busy and hectic schedule.The Yin Yoga class is such an important part of my week, offering me some much needed down time.My daughter also takes part in the class from time to time and this helps her to relax and wind down without gadgets or technology.We really enjoy the beautiful and welcoming studio and lush garden surrounds.”

– Bec Downes –

“Bree conducts a group lesson for myself and 4 other ladies at work. We have varying levels of fitness and abilities, as well as a host of different past injuries to manage. Bree does an amazing job at ensuring we are all challenged enough to enable progress without aggravating any injuries. The foot massage at the end is nothing but pure bliss. Totally recommend given Breeze Pilates and Yoga a try, you won’t be disappointed”!

– Deb Leydon –

“I attended my first ever class with Bree for pilates and was very nervous if I could even participate due to both weight and back problems, and was amazed at how encouraging and patient Bree is, she takes the time to make everyone feel so welcome and relaxed and worked with me to make it the most amazing time, and I’m so looking forward to further classes with her.”

– Christine Holland –

“I look forward to my Bree’s Pilates flow class each week. Bree is supportive, full of knowledge and modifies poses around injury and niggles. Bree has encouraged me to work at my own level whilst still challenging myself. After 5 weeks I feel the difference in strength and flexibility already. The atmosphere is calming and it’s the perfect place to escape for while. Thank you Bree!”

– Kari-ann Elliott –

“Thankyou for the amazing space and wonderful vibrations of the vibrational meditation by Murray Chesser… I have always felt amazing after I leave the class.. truly a magical feeling thankyou xx”

– Realene Akers –

“Great class. Beautiful environment. Friendly and welcoming.”

– Sonia Kluger –

“This had been my first experience with Pilates and I have hit the jack pot with my beautiful instructor Bree. She is gentle but firm, and provides a we’ll balanced session with a mix of Pilates, yoga & Meditation.”

– Julie Phillips –

“Tonight I had my 1st ever pilates session. Bree is awesome, she made me feel so welcome and at ease. I look forward to going back again next week.”

– Jo Willson –