Exercise programs should include the three pillars of fitness: aerobic training for cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training for muscle and bone strength, and stretching for flexibility. All three are incorporated into Breeze Pilates and Yoga’s ‘Workfit Class’ You come to us or we come to your workplace.
Why exercise?
It’s pretty simple really; exercise increases your life expectancy. It improves your physical and mental health. People that exercise daily are more alert, have more stamina, and increased energy. Exercise increases endorphins released to the brain, this stimulates the brain and causes it to function better. Employees that exercise on a regular basis often have an increase in self-esteem and self-image. They are generally satisfied with their health and they have a positive energy and attitude about them.
What are the benefits or exercise for Employers and Employees?
If you have been losing employees to sickness or you notice the overall productivity in the office decreasing, then these classes can help you. When you give your employees time to exercise, you will almost instantly notice increase employee productivity. This is because people have stronger immune systems and they are less likely to use their sick leave. The second reason is because they have more energy and do not need to use caffeine and other stimulants to stay awake at work. Employers will also notice that their employees that exercise on a regular basis are able to cope with stress easier. Coping with stress will increase personal attendance and employee performance because they do not get flustered and overwhelmed with their job. The other thing employers will notice is the impact healthy employees have on their co-workers. When people are happy about their jobs, they want to come to work. They have a desire to give their job 100% and this will reflect to the other employees. Pretty soon everyone at the office or on work site will try harder at their job. This improved employee morale is critical for your bottom line and it will help when you are trying to recruit new talent. When people start exercising, they not only do better at their job, many of them start to show skills that you may not have seen before. Some of the best managers and business leaders are people that exercise on a regular basis and take good care of their bodies.
One of the biggest benefits of exercise for you and your employees is the decreased medical costs. When you have a staff full of fit employees, your health insurance premiums will be a lot less. This is because many health insurance companies will recognize the company’s commitment to good health and they will offer discounts to them. The other reason why the costs are reduced is because the employees will not be using their health insurance as often, so this offsets all the health care costs.
Personal Training Sessions can cost anywhere from $60 to $130 per session, participating an average of 2 to 3 times per week can get quite costly for most. Our ‘Workfit Class’ can cost as little as $21 per session making them the most affordable, structured and supervised exercise programs to participate in 2 to 5 times per week. If you haven’t started a wellness program at your business or company, you need to start. This is a great time to kick-off your new wellness program to encourage your employees to exercise and start living healthy, active lifestyles.

Pilates and Yoga classes are also offered in our Mudgeeraba studio. Our Pilates and Yoga Classes are taken by dynamic qualified teachers and are here to meet your needs. So please feel free to join us for Pilates, Yoga and Workfit Classes in Mudgeeraba.


  • Less stress, more calm – whether it’s work, money or family life that’s on your mind, yoga and pilates can help you find a much-needed sense of peace
  • A healthy back – by developing core strength and stability, and stretching tight hamstrings, office workers can avoid the back pain often brought on by sitting for long periods
  • More energy – using yogic breathing techniques, you’ll have enough energy for work and for enjoying your spare time
  • A strong immune system – by building strength and increasing flexibility with regular yoga and pilates, you create a healthier body, which means you’re much less likely to catch those office bugs!
  • Weight loss – pilates and yoga exercises are well known for improving muscle tone and reducing waist lines
  • Increased happiness – joyfulness and relaxation go hand in hand, especially when you’re in a supportive environment and amongst positive people.

As you can see, the benefits of Yoga and Pilates don’t end when the class does – enhanced physical and mental well being can make all areas of life more enjoyable and manageable.

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