Our Philosophy

Breeze Pilates & Yoga was founded in 2012 to assist people in maintaining a mental and physical balance when engaging in activities including walking, swimming, running, cycling, cross fit, gym classes, weights, surfing, skiing, laboring jobs, desk jobs, home duties, medical professions etc. also when experiencing the common stresses of life – work, relationships, finances, discontentment and emotional and physical barriers. Breeze Pilates and Yoga offer classes, workshops and holistic services to assist Emotionally & Spiritually – personal development, inner happiness and contentment as well as Physically – guiding the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, strengthen and tone weakened muscles, encourage good posture and increase energy levels, promote core strength and a strong pelvic floor, nurture our body’s joints and help to improve performance in other areas such as running, cycling, working and everyday activities in mind and body.
We deliver Pilates, yoga, meditation and fusion classes instructed to individuals and groups by our passionate Teachers and Trainers.

Pilates is a great body conditioning exercise, building core strength and stability. Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice focused on breath, control, flexibility and strength. Together these two forms of exercise movement create a holistic foundation for our bodies and our lives.

All our Trainers & Teachers are fully qualified, carry their insurance and are registered with a governing body or association in their  field.

E.g. http://www.fitness.org.au/http://www.fitnessnetwork.com.au/ ; https://www.yogaaustralia.org.au/  http://www.pilates.org.au/https://www.essa.org.au/

Please check with our Allied Health Professionals regarding health funds and rebates.