Pilates – Answer To Back Pain


We all know back pain can be excruciating. It can take a heavy toll on our daily routine in work and our home life as well as our mood and general well being. Poor posture, bad eating habits, being overweight and managing old injuries can all add up to the problem of back pain. However, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths are all recommending Pilates to help back pain sufferers.

Pilates along with a good diet to reduce inflammation can actually be beneficial when you have been trying all those medicines, pain killers and physiotherapy sessions, but to no avail. Clinically, Pilates has been known to reduce the effects of musculo-skeletal back pain. However, if Pilates is not performed in the right manner, it may have some adverse effects on pelvis and spine therefore it is recommended you attend private or semi-private classes or sessions if you are new to this exercise method.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates benefits back pain victims because of the concept of core stability. Core stability can be explained as strength of muscles for showing optimal firing patterns. Pilates lends a helping hand in releasing tense muscles and aids in strengthening your back. Stretching alone can help some back problems, moreover, the use of the Pilates Method will give more flexibility to your back along with core strength.

The goal of Pilates is to help in back rehabilitation through specific exercises. Pilates also helps to maintain the balance of the human body, improve faulty posture and movements and protect vulnerable internal organs as well. Pilates exercises can also help in treating the issue of sciatica, piriformis syndrome and a weak pelvic floor.

Pilates aids in developing core strength and increasing flexibility. Increased core strength also offers additional support to the spine. Pilates teaches you how to correctly use your muscles which are necessary for you to maintain good physical health.

There are many Pilates classes which are available online, however, it is always advisable to join a Pilates studio or Pilates classes or sessions physically if this is available to you so your teacher can correct and monitor your progress, unless you have Pilates down pat and feel confident with online classes.

Once you commence Pilates, you will surely see improvements in your back pain and sometimes feel muscles you didn’t know you even had, even after just one session. Mostly, with every regime of completing Pilates exercises, you will witness comfort and flexibility and a considerable reduction in lower back pain.

Pilates and Yoga exercise methods together can infuse wellness in your body’s system, therefore attending both exercise classes or fusion classes is a great way to correct, strengthen and maintain your body’s alignment, relieve stress and manage, prevent and even fix some of niggling injuries.

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Bree Andrews

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