Benefits of Pilates and Yoga

  • Pilates & Yoga for Men

Ironically Pilates was an exercise method, designed for men, by a man. Yet today, despite a definite increase in male clients to the method, still attracts a predominantly female crowd. However Breeze Pilates and Yoga has a steady growth of class attendance increasing every month. Pilates and yoga targets smaller muscle groups that are often overlooked in powerlifting exercises. Engaging in a regular Pilates or yoga routine will ensure that you are strengthening all of your muscles. If your flexibility is limited, you will not be as successful in the weight room. Pilates and yoga can help to increase your flexibility, and therefore prevent potential musculoskeletal injuries. Pilates helps to target every one of your abdominals- even the ones that are neglected during regular sit-up and plank exercises. Pilates and yoga will help you mentally. Breathing exercises and concentration will help you to feel relaxed while still getting a great work out.

  • Pilates & Yoga for Women 

Pilates and yoga can help women gain not only strength but lean muscle without bulk. Pilates and yoga helps with a women’s menstrual cycle, balancing hormones and managing stress with the added bonus of having fun and meeting new people.

  • Pilates & Yoga for Toddlers to Teens 

Enhancing concentration: When your young child or teen gets used to the asana or postures of yoga and the strength and focus of Pilates, they automatically improve their concentration skills. Children learn how to sit still in one place and focus on what’s important as opposed to letting their mind wander and be distracted easily. This helps boosts their attention span and improves their grades as well as increasing flexibility and balance making them stronger and less likely suffer sprains and fractures through accidental falls. Children are more flexible and agile than adults, so the earlier you get kids started on to yoga or Pilates, the more benefits they gain.

Improving general well-being: Children who practice yoga and Pilates regularly tend to feel good about themselves and are healthier and happier than those who may not thus helping them deal with the social and academic aspects of life. Breeze Pilates and yoga offer a fantastic Holistic Bootcamps from ages 4 years to 16 years old combining both methods of Yoga and Pilates as well as cardio equipped games.

  • Pilates & Yoga for Rehabilitation 

If you have an injury and are considering Pilates or yoga, it’s important to make sure that your Teacher has physical therapy experience. “There’s a big difference between teaching Pilates or yoga as a form of exercise and using it as form of therapy for rehabilitating injuries. The principles of Pilates are awesome for rehabilitation, but if they aren’t used in conjunction with proper therapy techniques it could aggravate the injury. Before you start, make sure you ask your Teacher if he or she has physical therapy training and experience. Breeze Pilates and Yoga have allied health professional we can recommend for this. If you physical therapist or GP give you clearance to exercise or have given you exercise to do at home that are low risk we also offer a class called ‘Workfit Class’ the class is design for everyday niggly or old low risk injuries that need to be managed by specific but simple exercises to promote strength and range of movement. We use the methods of level one Pilates and yoga incorporate resistant band exercise to help strengthen common areas of weakness – Backs, shoulders and knees.

  • Pilates & Yoga for Surfers 

Pilates and yoga improves balance, posture and agility in surfing and surfers. Simple Pilates and yoga exercises can boost your performance, strength and balance in the waves. Surfing demands several fitness exercises,  so if you want to keep riding waves until you’re 80, with no physical limitations and injuries give Pilates and yoga a go. Modern surfers have been adding alternative physical fitness systems to their workout programs. Yoga and Pilates are becoming widely popular in contemporary surfing because the benefits are clear and almost immediate. Paddling out, duck diving, paddling for waves, taking off, managing the surf line and completing manoeuvres on the wave face are hugely affected by Pilates and yoga training exercises.

  • Pilates & Yoga for Runners 

Many runners are unaware of how important a strong core is.  Without it, their running form and technique tend to go out the window when they are tired which can lead to stress related injuries. However if you attend yoga and/or Pilates, your center and indeed your whole body will be strengthened, physically and metaphorically. Pilates can help runners by strengthening the quads and hip abductors, the muscles which support the knee and hips when running. Anything that you can do to strengthen weak areas if you are intending to or are already running will help prevent injury and ultimately provide greater running power and longer gevity in this type of exercise. Many runners notice a greater flexibility in muscles and joints after they’ve regularly attended a Pilates class. Many runners breathe from the chest, especially when running at a fast pace, however they should be breathing from the diaphragm. Pilates teaches you deep diaphragmatic breathing, which will help your breathing pattern and rhythm in your running. There are also various styles of yoga you can try, however it is best to pick the right one at the right time of your training. When you’re running long distances, choose a more relaxing type of yoga because your body will need a break. If your running isn’t too full on then you can choose a more energetic and aerobically challenging version

  • Pilates & Yoga for Golfers

Pilates and Yoga can increased flexibility and unlock restricted muscles and joints which in turn will allow you to swing more freely as well as increase stability and balance the body so you are less likely to get injured allowing you to play pain free golf. Pilates and yoga strengthens and helps to protect the golfing muscles around your spine while increasing power which will help you generate more force and this will increase the length of your shots. Your concentration and mind will be clear allowing you to focus solely on your golf game. Checkout our programs!

  • Pregnancy Pilates & Yoga 

Before starting Yoga or Pilates ensure you have no conditions that require the attention of a one on one specialist. You must only attend Pilates and Yoga specifically for pregnancy unless you are experienced in both forms of movement and take full responsibility for your own body and judgement. Pilates workouts are designed to strengthen your core muscles with an emphasis on abdominal muscles, the lower back and the muscles of the pelvic floor. All of these muscles are important in pregnancy because of the changes to your body as your baby grows, especially as your abs are stretched and your lower back is pulled forwards. If these core muscles are toned by doing Pilates they will support your baby properly so you can have a more comfortable pregnancy with less back-ache and you will have more control over the muscles during delivery. When your abdominal’s and pelvic floor muscles are strong and in good condition they have a better chance of full recovery to normal after birth making your life easier in the few months after childbirth when you will need all the energy you have. Pregnancy is an ideal time to start yoga. The postures for beginners are simpler than most people imagine, and you’ll also meet other mums-to-be at your classes. You’ll start gently and slowly. Your Teacher will modify the postures so that they suit your stage of pregnancy. Listen to your Teacher, and pay attention to what your body tells you. Yoga postures are generally designed to stretch and lengthen, not strain or cause pain. However if you feel any pain and discomfort, please stop what you are doing and see your GP.

  • Fusion Pilates & Yoga With Other methods Of Exercise 

Pilates, yoga, dance, HIIT, cross training, meditation, balance, tai chi, strength and conditioning – 2 or more forms of exercise mixed together at any one time creating a unique blend of Balanced Functional Fitness.

  • Workfit Men’s, Women’s & Corporate Classes 

‘Workfit Class’ Is A Fusion Of Pilates, Yoga, Massage, Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation Inspired Exercises, Using Bands, Rollers, Dumbbells Etc. ‘Workfit Class’  are affordable group sessions costing less than a ¼  of the price of a Personal Training or Physio session. ‘Workfit Class’ exercises the whole body to assist in the alleviation of many long and short term niggley injuries while correcting and strengthening your weak spots. Other Fantastic Benefits Include:- Improved posture – helps you stand up straighter and look taller.  May assist in the correction of many back, neck, shoulder and knee minor problems, also a reduction of pain and inflammation including sciatic and piriformis pain. Improved flexibility – giving you more range of movement and less joint stiffness. Better Core Stability – strengthening your hips and back while shaping and flattening your entire mid-section. Strengthens your pelvic floor – essential after childbirth, for the more mature adult and people that lift heaving objects and weights in the gym on a regular basis. Increased strength and muscle tone over your whole body & increased bone density – keeping you strong in those later years. Helps you to relax and reduce stress levels & internal harmony, with mind and body working together. Help Your Body Be Fit For Work, Rest & Play. Whether You Are A Trades Person, Business Person, Fitness Or Sports – Surfer, Footballer, Golfer, etc.  Professional, Child or Aged Caregiver, Nurse, Teacher, Hospitality Worker, Mother, Housekeeper – Old or Young, Male Or Female… ‘Workfit Class’ Is About Correction, Prevention, Strengthening And Maintaining A Strong and Elongated Body.   A No Sweat Class. All Equipment Provided. Maximum 10 Students Per Class.                           

  • Pilates & Yoga for Program School & Education Centers – Gold Coast

From prep to university Breeze Pilates & Yoga have developed specialised class courses that we can now deliver in education centers across the Gold Coast. Our Mission For Educations Centers- Fusing Pilates and yoga exercises with brain stimulation movements we challenge students’ concentration and balance and coordination skills. This helps improve academic performance through the following: Fun learning development, creativity and self-expression Practice self-responsibility, feeling appreciated and valued Increase coordination skills and taking control of their own learning Body awareness, strength, stamina and flexibility while having fun at the same time. In Secondary schools we have noticed that there is an increase in young adults with poor posture as a result of bad postural habits when using electronic devices, carrying heavy or inappropriate school bags and low self-esteem and confidence.  This causes immediate discomfort and poor spinal development and can create more serious health issues in the future.  Pilates has proven to rectify these postural habits, as the technique of Pilates re-aligns the skeleton and surrounding muscles, which helps the body to become strong and balanced. Yoga helps with keeping students flexible, manage stress and encourage positive decision making. We bring specialised small equipment to your education facility which may include mats, bands, rollers, balls, blocks and resistance circles. Our small equipment challenges and develops body awareness, coordination and strength that can be transferred into everyday activities. All exercises are easily modified, allowing everyone to achieve and progress through the course in a non-competitive environment, have fun and feel great.

  • Pilates & Yoga Programs for Over 60’s – Gold Coast

Breeze Pilates and Yoga have developed classes for our over 60’s community. Let’s face it most of us by the time we are heading to the ripe young age of 60 we have collected and few niggly injuries and stresses and started to notice the effects of youth catching up with us. Through our experience in the fitness industry, we have identified some of the issues that have restricted the over 60’s from perusing better health through Pilates and yoga and exercise in general. These include feeling intimidated by the 18-35’s age group, lack of confidence in using the equipment or inadequate equipment available to suit their needs, little or no follow-up support from the staff, lack of supervision and direction, lack of social interaction and high-pressure sales techniques with restrictive long-term contracts.

  • The Benefits of Pilates and Yoga for Older Adults – Gold Coast

The benefits of Pilates have been particularly noted in older adults. Older adults are more likely to suffer from symptoms of arthritis, including stiff and painful joints. Pilates practice has also been lauded for its ability to help prevent injury. Even adults undergoing serious rehabilitation therapy can use Pilates or Yoga to increase their range of motion and overall muscle strength Breeze Pilates and Yoga has developed classes specifically for the over 60’s community. Our Holistic Bootcamps Over 60’s is an infusion class of all methods of exercise including Pilates and yoga, Tai chi and Meditation, Resistance band exercises and low impact cardio interval training. So please check out our classes and timetable.

  • Pilates And Yoga In The Work Place – Gold Coast

THE BENEFITS OF EXERCISE FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES Exercise programs should include the three pillars of fitness: resistance training for muscle and bone strength, aerobic training for cardiovascular conditioning, and stretching for flexibility.  All three are incorporated into Breeze Pilates and Yoga’s ‘Workfit Class’ you come to us or we come to your workplace. Why exercise is important in the workplace? It’s pretty simple really; exercise increases your life expectancy. It improves your physical and mental health. People that exercise daily are more alert, have more stamina, and increased energy. Exercise increases endorphins released to the brain, this stimulates the brain and causes it to function better.   Employees that exercise on a regular basis often have an increase in self-esteem and self-image. They are generally satisfied with their health and they have a positive energy and attitude about them. What are the benefits or exercise for Employers and Employees? More Productivity Healthy Employees Harmonious workplace Save health insurance premiums Decreased sick leave Personal Training Sessions can cost anywhere from $60 per hour to $130 per hour, participating an average of 2 to 3 times per week can get quite costly for most. Our ‘Workfit Class’ can cost as little as $15 per session making them the most affordable, structured and supervised exercise programs to participate in 2 to 5 times per week. If you haven’t started a wellness program at your business or company, you need to start. This is a great time to kick-off your new wellness program to encourage your employees to exercise and start living healthy, active lifestyles.

  • Charity and Event Classes – Gold Coast

Breeze Pilates and Yoga are in partnership with a number of charity organisations. We aim to deliver low cost of free services to help raise awareness or money for our charities in the hope that we can make a small contribution to our community and these organisations.

If You Are Going To Use The Services Of Breeze Pilates And Yoga, Its’ Employees Or Contractors Please Inform The Teacher/Trainer Of Exercises That You Cannot Perform, Injuries You May Have Or Any Other Concerns. Breeze Pilates And Yoga Is Not Qualified To Diagnose Or Treat Illness, Disease Or Injuries That Require The Attention Of A Doctor, Physiotherapist Or Chiropractor. Breeze Pilates And Yoga Does Not Take Place Of Medical Treatment So If You Are In Doubt Please Consult Your Doctor Prior Using Breeze Pilates And Yoga’s Services. It Is Your Responsibility To Have Your Own Private Health And/Or Life Insurance Cover.