If you’re feeling the effects of long, hard working days spent sitting for hours on end, staring at a computer screen, we might just have the perfect antidote.

We not only offer Yoga and Pilates in our boutique studio in Nerang on the Gold Coast, we also offer Special Corporate and Mobile Classes, where we come to you. These are just some of the ways in which you or your business and staff could benefit from these time-tested practices…

Of course, as with most things, Yoga and Pilates can’t be taught overnight. Although most people notice an impact after just one class, it takes a little more time before the full effects can be felt – and that’s why we recommend our 10 Class Program which is tailored to suit the needs of staff in particular.

  • During 10 the classes, you’ll be taught how to use breathing techniques to bring about a state of peace and relaxation, as well as the safest ways of moving into and out of postures. And for those in need of some words of wisdom, we’ll explore elements of Yogic philosophy as we go along.
  • Less stress, more calm – whether it’s work, money or family life that’s on your mind, yoga and Pilates can help you find a much-needed sense of peace.
  • A healthy back – by developing core strength and stability, and stretching tight hamstrings, office workers can avoid the back pain often brought on by sitting for long periods.
  • More energy – using yogic breathing techniques, you’ll have enough energy for work and for enjoying your spare time.
  • A strong immune system – by building strength and increasing flexibility with regular yoga and Pilates, you create a healthier body, which means you’re much less likely to catch those office bugs!
  • Weight loss – Pilates and yoga exercises are well known for improving muscle tone and reducing waist lines.
  • Increased happiness – joyfulness and relaxation go hand in hand, especially when you’re in a supportive environment and amongst positive people.

As you can see, the benefits of yoga and Pilates don’t end when the class does – enhanced physical and mental wellbeing can make all areas of life more enjoyable and manageable.

We know your time and money are precious, however, so we’re offering you and your staff a complementary, no obligation class in your space, that’s right, we’ll come to you at no cost to you. That way, you can be sure you’re making a wise investment in yourself, your staff and your colleagues.

Or, if you’re a little short on time, please do give us a call on 0409 755 798 to discuss the ways in which yoga and Pilates can help you and the people in your business. Corporate Classes start from just $6.50 per student. The cost should be fully tax deductible (please contact your accountant) Some businesses have already a “Wellness Budget” in place or businesses may also part subsidies with a small colleague contribution.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Please give us a call to arrange your complementary corporate class. Breeze Pilates and Yoga services the Gold Coast for all our corporate clients and ensure the best quality of teaching and support throughout your program.

Warmest wishes,

The Breeze Team,


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