Testimonials - What Our Clients Are Saying.


Ever since Briony commenced her classes at Breeze Pilates and Yoga I have been an avid fan, adore her style and teaching technique and I find the relaxation just heaven on a stick. Love her classes!


I have only been doing Workfit exercises for 2 months however I have already found an enormous change in my posture, strength and pain management at work and at home. I work full time as a tiler and have done for 12 years and my back pain has become increasingly worse over the last 2 years to the point I was going to need pain injections. It only took me a short while to learn and feel comfortable doing the exercises at home but now they have become part my daily routine. 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening is all I do. I highly recommend Breeze Pilates and Yoga for the Workfit exercises and my wife really loves the Pilates too, she felt the benefits after 2 sessions.


“Briony is the best Pilates instructor, who not only delivers her routines well, she is passionate about her delivery and is also unique in the fact that she is very intuitive too… I am so happy with my classes that are one on one and highly recommend this for the best results. Briony targets the areas that are very important for me and also knows how to deliver rehabilitative as I have a few old injuries and feel very comfortable with her. I just want to add…that I have had a few instructors over the years. About 7 and Briony is by far the best!!! Thank you very much. I am surely on the way to a great bod!!!


“Hi my name is Chris and I have been attending Breeze Pilates and Yoga classes now for about 2 years.  I injured my back snowboarding a few years ago and Bree's class has helped me manage my back pain through strengthening my core and stretching at the end of the class. Bree is great at offering different levels with most exercises which is great when I am particularly sore and the class is always a great workout. I have done Pilates with various other instructors and I find Bree to be the best with her clear and professional instruction and attention to people's injuries.

Bree's class defiantly helps me manage my back pain and I would urge anyone to give her classes a go.

Thanks Bree.”


“Before I started Bree’s Pilates, my core strength was terrible. I had lower back pain, and was generally lethargic. After approximately 6 sessions, I feel my core strength, and stamina has greatly improved. I look forward to greater improvement. It was quite daunting walking into a room full of ladies to do my first session but Bree made me feel very welcome. She takes the time to make everyone comfortable. She is clear and concise in her instructions. I had no idea of Pilates’ terminology, or techniques, and she explains it in a way that anyone can understand and execute. While doing routines, she will look out over the session to see if anyone is not executing the technique properly, if anyone isn’t, she gently corrects them. If anyone is struggling with the routine, she gives encouragement, but doesn’t force you to keep going. Bree’s Pilates sessions are the best I’ve been to.”