An hour of deep relaxation: Mindfulness, Healing & Yoga Nidra

Join Michelle for an evening of deep relaxation, mindful awareness & Reiki healing.

Begin your session by learning the art of mindfulness through meditation. Excellent even for total beginners, mindful meditation techniques are a very effective method of increasing awareness & relaxation. Using a straightforward practice of noticing the body, breath & mind – we practice becoming less reactive & more present in everyday life. Just a few minutes of mindfulness a day has been shown to help reduce stress reactions, while improving stress resilience.

After your mindful meditation, unwind further with some brief, gentle stretching to loosen up & release the surface tensions of the day. Once comfortable, we begin deeply relaxing with Yoga Nidra – the art of ‘aware sleep’. Just like when we sleep, you are invited to remain very comfortable, still & relaxed – to deeply release tension & encourage healing. While relaxing you are invited to follow a clear, guided process of simple instructions. This allows the mind to take a rest from all its usual distractions without the need for concentrating – helping guide us to a deeper awareness of our inner calm & peace.

To finish your relaxation session, Michelle will use placement of chakra crystals & Reiki healing to assist inner balance & harmony. You are now ready to re-emerge restored, relaxed, calm & clear…

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